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Teacher Success Squad

A Mentorship Community for New Teachers: Support and sharing for early career teachers in their first 5 years in education.

Teacher Success Squad is currently closed.  
Please contact us for other events and workshops.  

Imagine having your very own support team to help you succeed in your teaching career.  

Join our online mentorship community if you want to have a supportive teacher squad you can lean on, 
a place to share ideas for your classroom and two teacher mentors who can answer 
your questions about all things education. 

Teacher Success Squad meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month on Zoom.
Bring your questions and ideas! 

The Teacher Success Squad is for you if:

  • you are a K-12 educator
  • you're in the first 5 years of your teaching career
  • you’re passionate about education
  • you value professional learning and growth 
  • you're looking for a place to ask questions and share ideas
  • you enjoy connecting with fellow educators
  • you feel comfortable communicating via group Zoom calls & group chat

Why join the Teacher Success Squad?

  • get ongoing support and encouragement 
  • have a safe place to ask questions 
  • gain the support of fellow educators and build your network
  • get instant access to over 20 recorded workshops 
  • ongoing support throughout the year rather than a one-time workshop
  • engage in online discussion and sharing with others
  • learn from educators who currently work in the field
  • affordability within limited professional development budgets  

The teacher success squad dashboard

Members get instant access to over 20 recorded workshops!

Check out some of the session topics below:

visuals & social stories

How to create and use visuals effectively in education.  

assessment & report cards

Tips, strategies, templates and sample report card comments are included. 

interviews & job applications

Our tips for putting together a great application and interviewing like a pro, plus sample interview questions.  

productivity & efficiency

Tips for productivity and efficiency as a teacher.  


Our strategies for prioritizing your wellness as an educator. 


Access a workshop on the Science of Reading and Rich Texts for Your Classroom.   


After a combined 30+ years as educators, we've learned a lot.  
We'd like to share our experiences with you and help you connect with a supportive network of educators
that will inspire and encourage you!


Devon Caldwell is a PhD Candidate in Curriculum and Instruction at University of Victoria.  With over twenty years of teaching experience, she is an award-winning early years teacher with a passion for wellness, project-based learning, collaboration, and technology infusion.  Devon is a sessional instructor in Brandon University’s Faculty of Education and a certified yoga instructor.  


Devon and Leah co-founded KG Education in 2019 to support educators with a unique blend of professional learning and teacher wellness.  Their events focus on building community connections between educators while providing inspiration for ongoing professional growth.  


Leah Obach is the Literacy with ICT Teacher Leader for her school division, coaching K-12 educators in their efforts to infuse technology and inspire authentic, rich learning.  Leah has Master of Education degree in Educational Technology and Design and this award-winning teacher has experience teaching at the early years, middle years and high school levels.  Leah prioritizes lifelong learning and wellness.

How would it feel to have access to experienced teacher mentors who can answer your questions and offer ideas for being successful in your first 5 years of teaching?

Do you have questions about planning, assessment, report cards, classroom routines, daily instruction, classroom management or technology integration?

Are you ready for some inspiration for your classroom?

Do you want to connect and share with a community of teachers?

We're here to help!
Teacher Success Squad is the place for you!

What's included?


You'll have access to both Devon and Leah in a Whats App group chat with fellow Squad members.  If you need help or have questions between our monthly calls, you'll be able to ask them here.  It will also be a way of sharing ideas, resources and success stories between our video calls!  


Connect with a group of educators to support each other.

Ask questions, work with other educators and share your ideas!


You’ll feel supported by our community as we share ideas and work together!  Join group  calls to learn from Devon and Leah, share your own ideas and ask questions.

We meet on Zoom the 2nd Tuesday of the month.


You'll have access to a huge dashboard of recorded workshops, helpful resources and templates for your classroom!

teacher success squad
monthly membership

  • monthly community calls via Zoom
  • Q & A time with Devon & Leah each month
  • ongoing support through Whats App group chat
  • access to a supportive community
  • dashboard of resources and past Q&A 

$10 CDN /month
reduced fee for a limited number of founding members

Not ready for a monthly or yearly membership?
Drop in for this month's community call only.  

Teacher Success Squad is currently closed. Please contact us for other events and workshops.

teacher success squad
Yearly Membership + BONUS OFFERs

  • monthly community calls via Zoom
  • Q & A time with Devon & Leah each month
  • ongoing support through Whats App group chat
  • access to a supportive community
  • dashboard of resources and past Q&A 
Yearly Membership bonus

  • discount offers on professional learning and wellness events
  • 2 free months of membership 

reduced fee for a limited number of founding members

Teacher Success Squad is currently closed. Please contact us for other events and workshops.

What are teachers saying about working with us?

"I'm glad that we have a welcoming environment where we can ask questions, provide support, and collaborate on ideas with other educators.

"You are both incredibly amazing for all you do! Thank you for setting up this much needed platform!" 

"I love the small group setting so you always feel important and valued."

Pssst... we already asked your principal about this!

Well, almost.  We wrote the template for you to request professional development funds to cover the cost of your membership.  Just access the template below, copy and paste and send it off!  We know you're busy, but we also know that so many teachers pay out of pocket rather than accessing their school's professional learning funds. Let us make it easy for you to get PD funding with this template. 

Leah Obach

Passionate educator with classroom experience in K-12 schools
Technology coach & ed-tech enthusiast
Master of Education in Educational Technology and Design
Presenter & workshop facilitator with more than a decade of experience
Yogi.  Farm Girl.  Horse Lover.  Small town girl. 

Devon Caldwell

Teacher of early years, resource, pre-service teachers, and yoga
Presenter & retreat leader 
PhD Candidate in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Victoria 
Traveller, puppy mama, and proudest auntie ever