Kindergarten Essentials with Devon Caldwell

Learn all about teaching Kindergarten with master educator Devon Caldwell!

Kindergarten Essentials: Introduction

Devon is an award-winning early years educator and university instructor who has taught Junior and Senior Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2, and resource for more than 20 years. Learn her  best tips and tricks for setting up your classroom and teaching little ones in this fun and interactive session.  

You'll the get the essentials of teaching Kindergarten, including:

-setting up your classroom: what you need and what you don't
-starting the year off right: meeting families and students
-the first day of Kindergarten
-Kindergarten schedule
-establishing rules and routines
-communication with families
-classroom management

Fee: $15

Kindergarten Essentials: Fine Motor Development

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to support fine motor development within your early years classroom:
-pencil grip
-hand strength
-fine motor centres that incorporate literacy, numeracy, and play
-Handwriting Without Tears
-tips and tricks

Fee: $15

Kindergarten Essentials: Assessment, Report Cards & Interviews

Assessment is often listed as the most challenging and confusing aspect of teaching! In this webinar, you’ll get a solid grounding in assessment practices in the Kindergarten classroom.

 -assessment as/of/for learning
-formative and summative assessment
-assessment techniques
-organizing your assessment data
-communicating with families
-writing report cards and comments  
-planning successful and positive conferences

Fee: $15

Kindergarten Essentials: The Playful Classroom

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about play in the classroom:
-how to set up and plan for successful play experiences
-how much time to dedicate to play
-how to integrate literacy and numeracy into children’s play  
-how to extend the play  
-how to use children’s play as a springboard for inquiry or project-based learning  
-managing the classroom during play
-ideas for engaging play activities  

Fee: $15

Devon Caldwell

Teacher of early years, resource, pre-service teachers, and yoga
Presenter & retreat leader 
PhD Candidate in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Victoria 
Traveller, puppy mama, and proudest auntie ever