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Cultivating Connection

Join us for professional learning and wellness activities focused on building strong connections as an educator.

Imagine feeling connected and inspired in your role as an educator.

Based on over 30 years of combined teaching experience,
we're offering you the strategies we've used to develop strong connections
 along with the action items that will help you implement these strategies.

Prioritizing wellness is key for us as educators and we want to share some of our favourite practices to stay healthy and happy.  
As a member, you'll have these practices available at any time. 

The Cultivating Connection professional learning community is for you if:

  • you are a K-12 educator
  • you’re passionate about education
  • you value professional learning and personal growth 
  • you want to foster strong connections with students, families and colleagues
  • you're interested in connecting your classroom with other classrooms, guest experts and community members 
  • you value self-care and wellness
  • you feel comfortable accessing videos and professional learning content online

At KG Education, we're on a mission to build a community of educators
who strive for excellence and support each other,
 while also taking care of themselves.
We're committed to ongoing professional growth,
but also want to live our best lives outside of school. 

Consider this your invitation to join us!

Cultivating Connection offers a unique blend of professional learning and teacher wellness activities:

1: Professional learning
Your relationships with students, families and fellow educators are essential for effective teaching and learning.  Our six Cultivating Connection professional learning modules will support you in strengthening connections in each of these areas, plus explore how you can successfully make connections with other classrooms, guest experts and communities beyond the school.

2: Teacher wellness

When you are passionate about what you do, it’s easy to give too much, work too long and rest too little. We want to share with you the wellness practices that have helped us cope with stress and overwhelm.  As part of your membership to Cultivating Connection, you’ll receive access to guided wellness practices to restore and inspire you. These practices designed for educators include all-levels yoga videos you can follow along with at home and guided meditation tracks.

What's included? 


 Each online module includes a short video from us which will provide you with ideas and inspiration to strengthen your connections.   We’ll share practices that have proven useful for us in our years of teaching.  

Follow our specific calls to action for each topic to implement new ideas in your practice.  

You’ll also get curated resource lists from us to support you!


Explore yoga, meditation and breathwork through guided practices with Devon.  Practices include all-levels yoga videos and guided meditation tracks that you can access anywhere.  

Devon is a certified hatha, yin and restorative yoga instructor.  Our guided wellness practices are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and calm.  

Cultivating connection
Full membership

  • 6 learning modules
  • 6 guided wellness practices
  • 3 guided wellness practices ($30 value)


Cultivating connection
Starter membership

  • 6 learning modules 
  • 2 guided wellness practices

$199 CDN 

What are teachers saying about
Cultivating Connection?

"I will always have support, from either Devon and Leah, or from other members."

 "I love the connection most of all!"

Pssst... we already asked your principal about this!

Well, almost.
We wrote the template for you to request professional development funds 
to cover the cost of your membership, just copy and paste and send it off!

We know you're busy and we also know that so many teachers pay out of pocket
rather than accessing their school's professional learning funds.

Let us make it easy for you to get PD funding with this template. 

Why join Cultivating Connection?

  • you'll have a plan for meaningful professional learning facilitated by experienced educators
  • online learning you can access whenever it is convenient  
  • use our learning modules during in-school PD days or on your own time
  • gain the support of fellow educators 
  • strengthen your connections to self, your students and their families, fellow educators, local and global communities
  • learn from educators who currently work in the field
  • affordability within limited professional development budgets  
  • wellness practices to support your physical and mental health

What will you learn?

In our teaching careers, we’ve learned how to foster meaningful connections that enhance teaching and learning.  In each module, we’ll share our big ideas, along with practical examples and strategies for how you can strengthen your connections. You can follow the call to action in each module to implement new ideas.

Module 1: Connection to Self
Module 2: Connection with Students
Module 3: Connection with Families & Guardians
Module 4: Connection with Fellow Educators
Module 5: The Connected Classroom
Module 6: Connection with Community  

In Module 1, we explore Connection to Self. This module is all about knowing yourself and your work style to set yourself up for success in your work life, while also prioritizing your wellness.

Our theme for Module 2 is Connection with Students: we share our ideas for how you can build strong relationships with students.

In Module 3, we explore ideas and strategies for developing positive connections with families & guardians.

Module 4 is all about Connecting with Fellow Educators. We know that being connected with a network of other teachers is a huge asset in this profession and we'll give you some ideas for how you can do this!

Module 5, The Connected Classroom is where we share our ideas and activities for connecting with other classrooms to enhance learning.

Finally, Module 6 explores Connection with Community. We'll share ideas for connecting beyond the classroom with community members and guest experts!

Meet The Creators of Cultivating Connection

After a combined 34 years as educators, we've learned a lot.  
We'd like to share our experiences with you and help you build strong connections that make teaching so enjoyable. 


Devon Caldwell is resource teacher and a PhD Candidate in Curriculum and Instruction at University of Victoria.  With over twenty years of teaching experience, she is an award-winning early years teacher with a passion for wellness, project-based learning, collaboration, and technology infusion.  Devon is a sessional instructor in Brandon University’s Faculty of Education and a certified yoga instructor.  


Devon and Leah co-founded KG Education in 2019 to support educators with a unique blend of professional learning and teacher wellness.  

Their events focus on building community connections between educators while providing inspiration for ongoing professional growth.  


Leah Obach is the Literacy with ICT Teacher Leader for her school division, coaching K-12 educators in their efforts to infuse technology and inspire authentic, rich learning.  Leah has Master of Education degree in Educational Technology and Design and this award-winning teacher has experience teaching at the early years, middle years and high school levels.  Leah prioritizes lifelong learning and wellness.

Leah Obach

Passionate educator with classroom experience in K-12 schools
Technology coach & ed-tech enthusiast
Master of Education in Educational Technology and Design
Presenter & workshop facilitator with more than a decade of experience
Yogi.  Farm Girl.  Horse Lover.  Small town girl. 

Devon Caldwell

Teacher of early years, resource, pre-service teachers, and yoga
Presenter & retreat leader 
PhD Candidate in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Victoria 
Traveller, puppy mama, and proudest auntie ever

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Do I have to pay with a credit card?

Credit card payment is easiest and most efficient, but if that method does not work for you, please contact us at hello@kgeducation to make alternate payment arrangements.   

What’s included with each professional learning module?

Every module has a video with our ideas and inspiration for you, along with a call to action to help you implement the ideas in your practice.  We’ll also include a list of helpful resources for each module.  Some modules have bonus content as well. 

What are the themes for the 6 modules? 

Connection to Self
Connection with Students
Connection with Families & Guardians
Connection with Fellow Educators
The Connected Classroom
Connection with Community  

What can I expect from the wellness practices?

Devon will guide you through yoga, breathwork and meditation practices that are suitable for all levels.  

What if I'm not satisfied with the experience? 

Contact us and we'll do our best to make it right.  If you're still not feeling satisfied, you've got 30 days from your date of purchase to request a refund.